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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 8, 2013 2:00am-2:31am EDT

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i, went through the ringer. and it took me awhile to realize that it least if i'm going to be a public person i can use my voice and speak out about things which i care about passionately like global zero, for instance. >> unfortunately we have to go. but i hope there has been a silver lining in all this for you. while you had dedicated your life to something it must have been very hard to lose that. at least everything that you've >> the government is already shut down. now congress is facing off over the debt ceiling. congress says it will move along
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with raising the debt limit. chemical weapons stockpile some suggest bashar al-assad play have annanallal tear i dont remember motive. >> and where world leaders look up -- look to recognition wind up the asia-pacific economic cooperation to threaten the world economy. with welcome to al jazeera, i'm stephanie sy. hundreds of thousands of americans are still unable to return to work but the possibility of a new crisis is coming into focus. if congress fails to raise the debt ceiling the government will be unable to pay its bills by
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next week. al jazeera white house correspondent mike viqueira has more. >> there is growing concern over white house officials and economists that the government is coming way to close playing with fire, about to bust that debt ceiling without action from congress, there doesn't appear to be movement towards a settlement, john boehner says bhiewhile he's not simply going ohand president obama a clean rise of the debt ceiling, not going to put that vote on the floor. demanding things like are cuts. over raising the debt ceiling something that resulted in some $2 there will in spending cuts over two years. house republicans think there's no reason the president wouldn't
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do that again. the president has said time and time again, no how, no way, he's not doing that again. if it was a mistake that will not be made again. we're talking of course about the world's largest economy. 20% of the worl economy is govet spending. >> mike viqueira in washington. suicide bombers ataksd security forces in three egyptian cities, the suez canal and cairo. the 50 supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi by officials. for complying with u.n. weapons inspectors but there's speculation that presidential bashar al-assad may be
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cooperating are nord to in ordeo strengthen his hold on the country. >> seems to have given him some breathing space. u.s. secretary of state john kerry offered some cautious words. >> i think it's also credit to the assad regime for complying rapidly as they're supposed to. we would hope it would continue. i'm not going to vouch today for what's going to happen months down the road but it's a good beginning and we should welcome a good beginning. >> but it's not yet clear if these good beginnings could translate into a good beginning for the president, push the message that the syrian president is the only man that can lead syria out of this crisis. his allies have also public reply supported assad's moves
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with the russian foreign minister saying this. >> we hope the resolution will be fulfilled by all parties as well as the countries which are neighbors of syria. >> but the syrian rebels appear to be in disarray. the opposition is deep will you divided and it's not able to provide a united front. admitted the challenges they were facing. >> al nusra didn't recognize the coalition, does not provide any cover for us. >> some you say with discord and the rebel groups the syrian president using his position to strengthen. imran khan, al jazeera. >> u.n. secretary general are ban ki-moon has called for
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destroying the syrian stockpile in less than a year. that is rapid and unprecedented time frame. the supreme court began its new term on monday. david shuster takes an important look at some of the are issues and what the justices are facing. >> these cases still have a lot of reach and the justices are still going to face, protesters can stand in front of abortion clinics to how much we can contribute to any political candidates. watergate scandal, federal office. as it stands individuals are not allowed to give a candidate more than $2600 per election but under chief justice john roberts the supreme court has already
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dismannedismantled, perhaps wilw allow unlimited contributions to candidates as well, thereby allowing the rich to buy even more political power. on abortion, the issue that prompts the annual marches on washington, a mches law that -- a mche protest oar's first ament law to free speech. on affirmative action, it's not just michigan wolverines and spartans. there's michigan and michigan state. the ruling could also affect admission rulings donation wide. the new contraception law.
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religious groups argue that coverage requirements are unconstitutional. women's rights groups, the the supreme court is goods going oaddress the scope of executive power by defining what the constitution means when the pg senate like his predecessors president obama has used the recess power to put administration officials and judges into office while the senate is on break and not able to confirm nominees. finally a court sharply divided by by ideology. last week, kennedy gave a speech lamenting the role the supreme court lays. any issue is not a functioning democracy. not a functioning democracy? well, the nine unelected judges
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of the supreme court usually function by delivering their rulings in the late spring. >> david shuster thank you. 5 million in southern china coping with the after effects of typhoon fitow. at lease four people were killed and four others are still missing. fitow is the fourth typhoon to hit the area this year. at least four people were killed in the powerful blizzard and some cattle ranchers say they lost up to half of their herds. the storm also blanketed parts of wyoming and colorado with snow.
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>> well, we are looking at some better conditions across the northeast. we had a major frontal boundary push through. we are seeing some changes here across parts of the northwest. we had an area of high pressure that was dominating keeping most of the weather at bay, that is going drop down, pushing into montana, idaho, and parts of seattle parts of oregon into parts of vancouver. temperatures in seattle like this, tuesday, temperatures 52°. we are going to see a little bit of sun, saturday high temperature about 58. down towards the southwest you are seeing a change, snow over the sierra nevadas, you'll see anywhere from two to five inches
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there above 6,000 feet. phoenix, tuesday is going to be a very warm day of 94. thursday, we're going to see 76 going back up to 85 as we go towards the weekend. well, texas is going to remain dry, it has been today and yesterday, this is what we're going to be seeing for dallas, a high temperature of 83°. we expect to see sunshine all across the week as we get towards the weekend, we get a little bit cloudier and a little bit warmer 87° there. southeast, the remnants of karen can still we seen over here towards florida, a little bit of circulation there, things will get better for florida as well as georgia, you're going to be seeing that rain ending also. most of the heavy rain across north carolina as well as south carolina, and miami some spotty showers for you. >> kevin corvo. thank you.
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economic leaders wrapping up in bali, the accomplishments and what needs to be done. a young girl, her fight to get girls into schools. >> the latest battle over minimum wage. seattle has the highest minimum wage in the country, but some workers say that's still not high enough. >>social media isn't an afterthought. it drives discussion across america. >>al jazeera america social media community, on tv and online. >>this is your outlet for those conversations. >>post, upload, and interact. >>every night, share undiscovered stories.
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[[voiceover]] every day, events sweep across our country. and with them, a storm of views.
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how can you fully understand the impact unless you've heard angles you hadn't considered? antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours. consider this. unconventional wisdom. ul tear. >> today marks the final day of the asia pacific economic summit in bali, hoping to strengthen partnerships in the region where trade is on the rise. al jazeera's step vassan joins us. step what would be the major outcome of the summit if any? >> yes, the apec summit here in bali has been officially wrapped
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up and now you can see leaders going back home. apec is not much about outcome but about debates, meetings and commitments. what we have seen is that all the leaders, china, japan have actually made new commitments to the region, despite crises that are going on in their countries. that is the main worry, you are talking about opening up economies, working together, but you're suffering and struggling within your owning country. this region is the vital region for global recovery. that's what everyone agrees on. that is a major outcome although of course it is not a very concrete one as of yet. >> of course, president obama step was supposed to be at this conference. secretary kerry went in his stead.
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how was his absence felt there? >> yes, a lot has been said about the absence of one man, president obama. and many have of course down played the importance of his presence saying, he has been represented here but others have called it dramatic. in a sense if he's not here the comiment, u.s. commitment for this region doesn't look that confident anymore, that convincing anymore and that is something that has a symbolic role a lot larger than what you can see ton ground. and another thing it creates worries among other economies in the region, china, japan that they say if the u.s. doesn't have its own house in order, how can obama actually commit to the international commitment? haas not a worry we can hear in the last few days in the apec summit in bali. >> concern about the debt ceiling as well, 10 vassan in
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bali, thank you. pakistani schoolgirl is now facing another death threat from the taliban. the pakistani taliban says it stands by its decision to target the young education activist and vowing to kill her if it has the chance. she wants to return to pakistan when she finishes her education. a u.n. health care group that has been trying to help patients with polio is now the target of violence in pakistan. a bomb exploded, claimed responsibility by the pakistani taliban. mts reports from pakistan. >> protecting a polio vaccination team killing and wounding several people. over the past year, there have
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been a number of attacks on health workers distributing the polio vaccine for which the pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility. monday's bombing, the fourth in the city in the last two weeks, support from the afghan taliban. >> the afghan taliban are our brothers, they are helping us financially, they give shelter to our ruler k millionulla afusa. >> differentiating between the two taliban groups in afghanistan and pakistan with the implication that the eafng taliban is worth negotiating with. pakistani taliban which seeks to replace the country's democratic system with one governed by
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shirea law. >> quay the message that they are not acting alone. they have an ally and they have a powerful ally they have a future. if the pakistani government does not sincerely negotiate peace with them, do not come to either to accept their demand so they have a future. >> shahib de la shahib demanded an end to u.s. drone strikes. the revelation that the pakistani and afghan taliban have links with the armed groups. not only has the pakistani taliban shown that it's capable of carrying out violence it also has financial backers possibly
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strengthening its position when it comes to any future negotiations. ing al jazeera, islamabad. >> it claims the polio vaccine makes children sterile, as a result hundreds of thousands of children in afghanistan have gone without vaccinations. after a 200 year delay, the are 100 dollar bill has a new image. the image of benjamin franklin will be the same as the current bill. (t) latest battle over minimum wage is being fought in washington state. minimum wage is the highest there over $500. the fight in seatac.
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>> he says that raise sounds great and guaranteed sick pay and vacation pay. all part of proposition 1. a six year hertz employee, he currently makes $11.20 an hour, two dollars over the state minimum but still not enough for he and his family of four. >> we came here to achieve the american dream. we don't want to rely on public assistance. >> but at upgraded cedar long, scott ostrander says this is too much too fast. >> ultimately our prices will go up, it is going to make us less competitive. we'll have employees that will end up with reduced hours and possibly face job elimination. >> those are jobs that prop 1 supporters want to redefine. >> those should be middle class good paying jobs in our economy. >> the proposition wouldn't
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benefit all minimum wage workers here in the city of seatac seat. estimates vary but more than 6,000 workers would get a raise. most of them at sea-tac international airport. workers at big hotels nearby at rental car companies and offsite parking lots. most of those affected don't live in the city where the vote will be taken. campaign fundraising efforts clearly show a battle between labor an business, what's the broughter impact of an instant $15 minimum wage for a specific set of workers? dr. claywiter at the university of washington says, the research isn't definitive. >> the best research say they
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increase pay for workers in the job, they increase turnover for those employees and may damp down the kinds of jobs that are there because they become more expensive to employers. >> there are only about 11,000 registered voters in the city. turn overwill be critical. allen shoffler, al jazeera, washington. a salmonella scare. the kinds of food health officials believe is now behind the outbreak. , are predicting olympic size problems. so many money stories sound complicated but don't worry, i'm here to take the fear out of finance. every night on my show i break down the confusing financial speak and make it real.
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charged in connection with the beating of a driver by a group of motorcyclists in new york
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city. new video of the incident reportedly shows wright punching the driver through the shattered window of his suv. health officials may have identified the source of a salmonella outbreak. more than 275 cases have been reported in 18 states. the outbreak has been traced back to raw chicken products at three california plants, owned by foster farms. the department of agriculture says the tainted chicken was sent to retail outlets in california, oregon and washington state. the spokesman says the outbreak came from unsafe or undercooked products. after tokyo won the bid to host the 2020 global games, some wonder if the glitz and glamour
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could detract from the pressing needs of the country. >> in 2020, bad things also come in twos. shy 79-year-old who's reluctant to show his face fully on camera. before tokyo's last olympics in 1964, he and his family were forced to move to make room for the main stadium to be built. >> my wife went with those around us to the local government, we had to obey but we didn't want to leave. >> now it's set to happen all over again. the building behind me is kohay gimno's apartment block, this is where he used to live before they built the stadium. it is also where they'll build the main stadium for the 2020 games, along with most of the
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other olympic facilities. he feels japan has more important things to deal with like reconstruction since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. ken can remember the olympics as well, he's been to every summer and winter games since capturing some of the most memorable moments. he said the country came together in 1964 following devastation of world war ii, and hopefully they can do it again. >> this time it's from the tsunami. there are many things people are concerned about, it caused so many deaths and these are the harshest that people have to overcome. >> the decision to award tokyo the games have caused excitement for children around the country. >> i want to be japan team and i want to be the ace. >> there is much more than sport
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to consider for others. when. >> whewhen i think about how may are going to be troubles suffer and sad it pains me even more. >> the local government says affected residents will be moved to existing city run complexes. according to gang's organizers this will be a compact olympics but not exact enough. wayne say, al jazeera, toque yoag. >> china is celebrating its success breeding pandas with a panda breeding party. ing researchers held a celebration for these newborning panda cubs. group includes four sets of twins. pandas are still considered an endangered specious. there are only 2,000 panda bears
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level in the wild. that's it for me stephanie sy. have a great evening. hi, i'm lisa fletcher and you are in the stream. drones in the united states. there will be 30,000 of them flying above your head within the next 20 years. is america ready? ♪ by september 30th of 2015, the faa has to have regulations in place to allow unmanned aerial vehicles, or typically known as drones into the nation's air space.


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